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Intel and AMD team up to beat Nvidia

Intel and AMD collaboration

Intel and AMD, ancient rivals, are working together in an attempt to leave Nvidia behind one of its most recent competitors.

Intel and AMD are working together for produce a laptop chip that matches an Intel CPU with an AMD graphics processor, with a lightweight design that can still handle heavy graphic requirements for top-level video games.

Intel and AMD the enemies of all time become allies

This agreement may even seem trivial, but Intel and AMD haven't collaborated since the 1980s, according to analyst Patrick Moorhead's interview in the Wall Street Journal. In fact, Intel and AMD were fierce competitors, engaged in excelling in the PC processor market, even though Intel was almost always on top of the race.

Recently, Intel's main challenger seems to be Nvidia, Because the graphics card creator has accelerated the research activity in AI and machine learning, while continuing to provide the leading graphics cards for consumer and enterprise computers.

Intel and AMD: better an old enemy than a new competitor

AMD recently gave Nvidia a hard time regarding GPU-related activities, introducing products designed with similar functions and a new Intel product, which eliminates the requirement for a standalone graphics card, will provide additional growth space, allowing PC manufacturers to design designs that do not require the space and heat sink requirements of a complete graphics card.

In essence, it seems that Intel is willing to work with one of its oldest rivals in trying to leave behind one of its most recent competitors.

The good news that users could benefit from it.

Intel and AMD collaboration