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Install Siri on iPhone 4: here's how!


Siri voice commands also on old iPhones: here is the guide that explains how to do it

By adopting a simple procedure, you can also use Apple's Siri voice assistant on old devices.

Premise: the guide only works on iPhone 4.

Siri, the voice assistant created by Apple for iOS devices, allows you to make calls and perform other operations, such as sending SMS, with the help of your voice. To use it, only an internet connection is required, since the commands are processed directly by Apple's servers.

Officially Siri compatible only with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPad. However some developers have managed to install Siri also on iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1. The only requirement, in this case, is jailbreak, since it is necessary to install packages on Cydia.

This method works thanks to the fact that requests to Apple servers come from an enabled device, disguised as a fake certificate. Here's how to proceed.

1- Since the Siri application is not present on the original Apple firmware, we must download a copy. To do this, open Cydia, go to the Manage section and add the URL of the source:

2- To download Siri, select the newly added repo, search for the SiriPort (Original) package for iOS 5.1.x and install it. To ensure the stability of the device, there must be no similar programs.

3- Installed Siri, we add the necessary certificates to make the voice assistant work. From Settings> SiriPort we select Install Certificate. A page will open in Safari: we press Install even if "untrusted origin" appears.

4- We download the AssistantLanguage + package from Cydia, which costs $ 1. However through the HackYouriPhone and ByteYourApple repo it is possible to find it for free.

5- Rebooted the device, go to Settings> AssistantLanguage + and select Reset Siri Session Data. Then we move to Siri Settings, select Italian and, if we want, we indicate our information to have a better experience with Siri.

6- To use Siri, at this point we double-tap the iPhone Home button and try to ask for something on the phone. In a few moments we will be given a precise and reliable answer.

Well, we have seen therefore how to download and install Siri on iPhone 4 completely free of charge.

Try the guide yourself and let me know if you are having problems or if everything works better.

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