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Install IPA on 8.1.3 (iPhone, iPod and iPad) without Jailbreak with PP 25 [Guida]

Install IPA on 8.1.3 (iPhone, iPod and iPad) without Jailbreak with PP 25 [Guida]


Using PP 25 on iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to 8.1.3: how to install IPA and cracked programs without Jailbreak

PP 25 also works on 8.1.3 without Jailbreak: how to install games, programs and applications for free on your Apple devices without Jailbreak (Guide)

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Do you want to install cracked programs on iPhone, iPod and iPad? Have you already updated your Apple device to 8.1.3 and cannot downgrade it? You can't jailbreak on iPhone, iPod and iPad? You are in the right place.

Today we will go to see together how to use PP 25 to install IPA-cracked programs, applications and games completely free of charge on iPhone, iPod and iPad. 8.1.3.

The guide will explain how to install cracked programs on iPhone, iPod and iPad using the PP 25 program, which today has been updated to support 100% iOS8.1.3 operating system.

In fact, the PP 25 program has long been available, which was fully functional on iOS 8 and iOS 8.1, but which was not fully compatible with 8.1.3. From today, however, the problem has been solved, since now PP 25 works perfectly even with this version of iOS.

therefore,if the jailbreak serves you to install IPA for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad, know that you really don't need jailbreak. Thanks to the Chinese program PP 25, in fact, you can install IPA on iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to 8.1.3 also without jailbreak. Let's see how to do it together!

First, however, a small presentation of the PP 25 program, just updated to be fully compatible also 8.1.3 and to support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


In this guide I limit myself only to translating from English to Italian a guide that I found on other forums. This is a guide for illustrative purposes only, already available on Google, simply translated into Italian.

YourLifeUpdated does not incite piracy in any way and we invite you to support developers by regularly purchasing games and applications on their respective stores. This guide only serves to explain what and how the PP 25 program works; DO NOT use it in any way to download applications or programs that are normally available for a fee on the App Store! If you do, take all the risks and civil and criminal responsibilities of what you do.

Presentation of the PP 25 program for iPhone, iPod and iPad

PP 25 2.0 the new version of the famous application that has allowed many users who have a iPhone, iPod or iPad of download and install many free IPA applications for free, both for devices with Jailbreak and for those without.

In particular, PP 25 born with one purpose: allow users with iPhone, iPod and iPad without jailbreak to download and install IPA files for free, that is, to download and install free applications, games and programs that would normally be paid. With PP 25, in fact, it is possible to install for free those programs that are normally paid for on the App Store.

The first version of PP 25 has been released for quite some time, but one has only been available for a few hours new version of PP 25, updated, revised, corrected and even more powerful, which allows for download and install IPA, applications, games and programs on iPhone, iPod and iPad without jailbreak and already updated to 8.1.3.


Now that we've seen it together what PP25 offers, what it is used for and how it works, we just have to explain to you how to use it on iPhone, iPod and iPadeven if you have them already updated to 8.1.3.

PREMISE: usate PP25 only to download those games and programs that are not available in Italy, NOT to download programs or games covered by copyright. On PP25, in fact, there are programs that are free but which are normally paid on the App Store: in this case, do not download them because you will break the law (criminally). PP25 a program to be used only to download games and programs that are not available on the Italian App Store. Take full responsibility for what you do.


Obviously the guide has been tested in all its parts and fully functional on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

If you don't know how to update the programs and apps downloaded and installed with PP 25, you can follow this procedure.



After downloading and installing PP for Mac or Windows, connect your Device via the appropriate USB cable.

Open the program and after viewing the info of your device, download PP for iOS using the button with the blue P circled in the photo.

BeforeGo to your iPhone, iPod or iPad and bring back the date and time of your device. To do this, go to Settings> General> Date and time> disable Automatic and move back until August 3rd.

Now it will be possible to install PP25 on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Open PP previously installed on your iOS device and after opening it close it immediately.

Go to PP's Mac or Windows program and click on the green flash with Repair written as in the image.

Screen 2

Once this is done, a notification should appear with the repair done.

Now you will finally be able to install applications downloaded from the program in question and, consequently, you can go back to fixing the correct date and time on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

IMPORTANT: if it happens that the Apps previously downloaded from the PP App should crash or ask for your Apple ID and Password, just connect the device to the PC / Mac and click on Repair.

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