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Instagram updates to version 6.0 with new editing and filters

After several months the well-known social network Instagram has released on the Play Store its latest update of the mobile application for Android devices which thus arrives at version 6.0, and introducing novelties as far as it is concerned with new tools that aims to bring out the creative artist within us.

In addition to the social networking community that developed around the service, one of the most popular features of Instagram is the amount of filters that users can apply to their images before sharing them on the service. In fact, it can be said without problems that without these filters that have allowed even non-experts to create interesting atmospheres and effects, Instagram would not have really taken off as it did. Continuing on this path, Facebook's proprietary Instagram service has added more creative tools available to users.

The news sees the presence of further options that will allow you to refine the images even more, either increasing or decreasing brightness by creating attractions or focusing on shadows, or controlling the saturation color of one photo. All these settings are accessible through the tools menu, with the wrench icon, which brings up a whole new tray of options.

But Instagram wasn't content with giving users more control over the photos, it provided more control over the filters themselves. with a double tap on a filter, a cursor opens that controls the application of that filter. Some filters will have additional options, such as frames or borders. Instagram v6.0 available for free on the Google Play Store, directly from this link ..

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