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Instagram: two-factor authentication without SMS against SIM theft

Instagram two-factor authentication

Instagram is implementing two-factor authentication without SMS to hinder SIM hackers and make accounts less vulnerable

Instagram is implementing two-factor authentication without SMS to hinder SIM hackers, who can overcome the SMS-based security system. The hackers in fact they can steal your phone number by reassigning it to a different SIM card, and then use it to reset your own password, steal your Instagram account and maybe resell it. As detailed in a Motherboard article, i Instagram account they are particularly vulnerable because the app has two-factor authentication via SMS which also allows you to reset the password or have a access code via text message.

Instagram two-factor authentication

Instagram: the new two-factor authentication system

Now Instagram is creating a two-factor authentication system without SMS that works like standard security appsGoogle Authenticator or Duo. They generate a special code that you need to access and that cannot be generated on another phone, in case the number is transferred to the hacker's SIM card.

Hidden in the code APK of the Instagram app for Android gives you a functional prototype 2FA updated, discovered by Jane Manchun Wong.

An Instagram spokesman actually confirmed that the company is working on the non-SM two-factor authentication function and stated: "we are continuing to improve the security of Instagram accounts, including the strengthening of 2-factor authentication ".

Instagram actually had no two-factor protection until 2016 when it had already reached 400 million users.

Porting SIM a threat to be reckoned with

Instagram has decided to introduce two-factor authentication as the SIM porting has become a much more common problem. Hackers generally call a mobile operator and use social engineering tactics to convince them that they are the victim and then have the number transferred to a SIM they control. Whether they hope to steal intimate photos or sell useful social accounts like @t or @Rainbow, there are many reasons for a hacker to try a SIM porting attack.

Two-factor authentication without SIM to be spread

It is hoped that as the knowledge of this hacking technique becomes more known, more apps will introduce non-SMS 2-factor authentication, mobile providers will make porting more difficult and users will take more steps to safeguard their own account. As our identities and resources become increasingly digital, they are PIN codes and authentication apps, not just deadbolts and home security systems, which must become part of our daily lives.

Instagram two-factor authentication

Instagram two-factor authentication

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