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Instagram stretches videos up to 60 seconds

Instagram, now also with videos

The social network launches 60-second clips and the ability to import more than one clip on iOS


Damn to make sure that the content of the video does not go beyond 15 seconds, listen to the audio to understand if a song or some scene has been interrupted in half: do you feel on Instagram? You shouldn't. No more, at least. The social network has announced the possibility of post longer videos, up to 60 seconds.

As always, the news is not immediately available to everyone, but will be gradually released to the users of the next few months. The duration of the videos is not the only news: β€œFor iOS, we are also reporting the possibility of create videos from multiple clips of your own roll photo "reads in the post:"The multi-clips videos are available from this week by downloading the 7.19 version of Instagram for iOS from the App Store".


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