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Instagram, now also with videos

Instagram, now also with videos

Not just photos: with the filter app par excellence you can now also share videos up to 15 "


As rumbled in recent days, Instagram adds the function to record and share videos up to 15 seconds. This was announced by Instagram CEO Kein Systrom, during a press conference convened by Facebook at Menlo Park.

"Over the past two and a half years, Instagram has become a community where people can share the best moments captured around the world in a simple way." There are 130 million unique users active every month, says Systrom. "To give life to a few moments, though, a static image is not enough and so far these kinds of stories were not present on Instagram. Today we are happy to present videos on Instagram and offer you another way to share your stories. "

Video on Instagram fully integrated in the Instagram interface as we know it: simply, when taking a picture, we will see a new icon appear on the right, the video camera."When you take a picture on Instagram you will see a camera-shaped icon. Touch it to access the video mode".


Just like Vine, the videos can be shot in a single sequence or stopped and filmed (but not imported from film / gallery), editing different sequences up to a maximum of 15 seconds. Unlike Vine, however, videos will not loop. And if you're wrong, you can delete every single recorded segment, one by one.


For the occasion, Instagram also releases 13 different filtersdesigned specifically for videos. "And when you publish a video, you can also select the favorite scene of the recording and use it ascover frame, for beautiful videos even before being played ”. Nothing revolutionary, just like on YouTube.

Also announced technology Cinema, a function that allows you to stabilize the videos, as it already happens – again – on YouTube (but only AFTER having uploaded them) and on the Nokia Lumia 920. Cinema signaled by an icon placed between the square of the video and the filters and you can also disable (but why should you, all things considered?)

"We are thrilled at the idea of ​​being able to admire the videos that our community will share, whether it's your favorite bartender's video while drawing a picture on your cappuccino, an Instagram user who is on the other side of the world or of your favorite athlete who takes you behind the scenes while training. What does all this mean for your content? There will be no nothing different than the photos.We constantly strive to keep you in control of all your content: only the people you allow to see your photos will be able to see your videos. And, as for the photos, your videos are your property ".

Video on Instagram available immediately on all versions of the app, then both iOS and Android.Upgrading to version 4.0.0 downloadable already now.


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