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Instagram informs about the coronavirus: supporting users and greater security

instagram accurate information about coronavirus

A series of updates will be activated aimed at not spreading fake news and the proliferation of unverified accounts related to COVID-19 as well as stickers dedicated to the hashtag #iorestoacasa

Help people access accurate information while staying safe and in touch with each other. Instagram informs about the coronavirus with a series of further updates, to consolidate measures already taken since when the World Health Organization in January, he declared a public health emergency for the COVID-19 epidemic.

In detail, the new features are concentrated in an increase of educational resources on the subject, on accurate information, on the removal of accounts related to COVID-19 and not recognized by the WHO, to support non-profit organizations and for a greater use of the #iorestoacasa sticker in stories.

Instagram informs about coronavirus, more accurate news

instagram accurate information about coronavirusPeople looking for information related to coronavirus or COVID-19 on Instagram will see a message that will link them directly to the resources made available by the World Health Organization and local Ministries of Health. Instagram is working rapidly to make this option available globally in the coming weeks.

New stickers will also be launched to help people share reliable information related to COVID-19 in their Stories. Among them, remember to wash your hands, keep a correct distance from others and much more. These updates will be available in the camera in the coming days.

In the last weeks a warning had already been added to the top of the feed in all countries affected by COVID-19 which shows reliable information from official health organizations. The same information will be visible to users who click on COVID-19 related hashtags.

More security for the community

security information coronavirus instagram

In addition to promoting official information on Instagram, the platform is making several changes for fight disinformation. For example, they will be removed COVID-19 accounts from the recommendations and some content related to COVID-19 will be removed from the "Explore" section, with the exception of posts made by official health organizations. Content classified as will also be penalized in feeds and Stories fake by fact checkers, an additional measure that adds to our current policies on disinformation.

Messages deemed false by fact checkers will be removed from the Explore and Hashtag pages. In addition, false or false claims will be removed entirely conspiracy theories which are reported to us by major global health organizations and local health authorities and which could cause harm to people.

To prevent people from exploiting this public health emergency, they come into being several new policies. Forbidden ads misleading advertisements for all products that refer to COVID-19 and that create a state of urgency, promote treatment or promise to avoid contagion. Temporarily prohibited advertising and branded content promoting certain medical supplies, including masks. Also, removed the ability to search AR effects related to COVID-19, unless they have been developed in collaboration with a recognized health organization.

To help people stay in touch with each other, it was launched Co-Watching, a new feature that allows you to view Instagram posts with friends via a video chat. To start it enough click the video icon chat in the Direct mailbox or in an existing Thread Direct, then view the saved photos / videos, which you liked or suggested, by touching the photo icon in the lower left corner of the current video chat.

hashtag #iorestoacasa

Instagram informs about the coronavirus but not only. "Iorestoacasa" sticker launched which allows all accounts that use it to be added to one Instagram shared story which allows you to see how other people are experiencing this period of isolation through social media.