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Instagram Flat: from XDA the version of the app inspired by Flat Design …

Despite the liberalization of Instagram on Android has opened up a world to social, previously a real exclusive for iPhone owners, the interest of Facebook, owner of the brand, in creating a more prone interface to the Google OS style, which resulted practically nil leaving the current style more oriented towards iOS, all giving rise to a bit of annoyance in many users who have long been waiting for a different interface.

While waiting for this to happen, an aspect on which we can widely doubt after the latest news made official by Facebook only for iOS, the team of XDA wanted to surprise us, as they have been doing for some time now, developing a version of Instagram with a modern style in flat design whose interface completely designed to be functional to the new release of iOS 7 but, at the same time, certainly being more suitable also for Android, perfectly fitting into the graphic context that all the main applications for OS made in Mountain View boast.

Instagram Flat, this is the name of the version, therefore it turns out to be one of the most interesting news you can experience on your device, all with maximum security towards your data and operation. The XDA team, in the work carried out for the creation of Instagram Flat, has in fact revealed how the changes to the basic code, provided and taken from the original app, are really minimal, having mainly acted on the graphics.

Instagram Flat available through the appropriate thread on the official forum of XDA Developers, with a'apk to download at the following link:

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