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Instagram eliminates fake followers and declares war on the apps that govern them

fake follower bots

Instagram declares war on false followers and apps that people use to leave spam comments automatically. Some apps have already been closed

Instagram declares war on false followers and to the apps that people use to leave spam comments automatically, or to those who follow and stop following other users in the hope of growing their audience. This is a fairly widespread phenomenon, especially in some sectors, as we have already said in this article.

Instagram eliminates false follower accounts

Now Instagram is proceeding with ldelete accounts of the people who use these apps to generate traffic inauthentic and the likes and comments that they violate the platform's policies. Instagram is also sending to some users warnings aimed at changing the password and cutting ties with these apps and telling them that if they want to continue using these apps they could be impacted by their Instagram experience. Instagram states that could limit access to certain features, among the various possible measures, to those users who intend to continue using prohibited means from policies.

Instagram against the Fake

Instagram hopes to discourage users from giving another, not necessarily reliable, company access data to their accounts, as this could also lead to account and privacy violation, including sending spam. So if you see Instagram followers diminishing, it could be that they were largely fake. The renewed vigor that Instagram has decided to demonstrate coincides with the renewed and continuing threat of foreign disinformation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram designed to polarize communities and influence elections in the United States and abroad.

Even Facebook eliminates fake accounts

Even Facebook is chasing after some followers and has removed 754 million fake accounts only in the last quarter and the interruption of the use of these spam-oriented apps could prevent malicious use of user accounts. Instagram has been targeting fake accounts since at least 2014, but this is the first time that the question of removing likes from posts is publicly discussed. Now the company says: we have developed machine learning tools to identify the accounts they use (third-party apps to increase followers) in order to remove non-authentic activities.

Applications that have already been closed

Some of the most popular bot applications for increasing followers, such as Instagress is Social Growth, have been closed, but others like Archie, InstarocketProX and Boostio charge between $ 10 and $ 45 a month; they often claim not to violate Instagram's policies, although, in fact, they do so constantly. The New York Times this year found that many famous celebrities had dabbled in buying fake followers on Twitter through a company called Devumi.

Users typically need to provide their username and password to these services, which then take control of their accounts and automatically do so I like it, comment and follow the accounts associated with the desired hashtags to trick them. Spam app users will now be reprimanded by Instagram, which will send an in-app message that will alert them to the removal of inauthentic Likes, followers and comments given by their account to others automatically and will alert you to change the password.

A big question, however, if Instagram will do more in banning ads for services that sell fake followers that constantly appear on its app. Sometimes these services mask themselves as an analysis app to help influencers track the size of their audience.

Why count the number of followers on Instagram

Followers on Instagram have become measures of influence, credibility and potential earnings of users and this has become particularly true for social media stars who are paid for brand sponsorships partly based on the size of their audience. Now that brands are even paying for nanoinfluencer with only a thousand followers to publish sponsored content, the appeal of using these services can be high and can therefore more easily lead to an immediate return on illicit investments.

The accuracy of the actual counts on followers and likes calls into question the legitimacy of Instagram as a tool for promotion and even genuine entertainment for users.

fake follower bots