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Instagram, analytics coming soon

Square or not, Instagram has changed photography

With the app update, some users saw the data of each photo and account appear

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The first phase of an important Instagram update seems to have started: after the rumors of a few months ago, in recent days some users updating the app have found them available your account data.

As seen in the screenshots, the impressions, reach and engagement will be shown under each photo. For impressions means the number of times the data content (photo or video) has been displayed. There reach the scope, or how many people have seen that content. Finally theengagement: the sum of likes and comments. This data will not be public and of course only the account owner will view it.

In another screen it will be possible to see the total number of views in the week, the contents with the highest interaction rate and also a graph with the trend of the followers.

Currently, the activation of this new feature would seem completely random and not related to the transformation of the account into account business. Therefore, analytics will be made available for both types of accounts.

To be sure, we have to wait. Even if it seems to be missing very little now.


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