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Instagram: advertising in the app is official, here is a first screen

Instagram it officially enters the context of the applications containing advertising banners inside, the announcement arrived in the last hours after a long rumor that has made the millions of users concerned about the future of the application agitated.

We had already announced several days ago how the advertising idea behind the Instagram project would have been completely different from what we used to see today, no invasive or disturbing banners, the developers wanted to create a structure that would make the interface and advertising indivisible, almost not pointing out the differences.

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<p>As proof of what has been said, a preview of the integration of the banners has been published, revealing how these will substantially occupy a limited space outlining the wording "Sponsored", creating a sector parallel to the photos and videos, on which it will also be possible to affix some "Like" or comment, there in order not to damage the Instagram eco-system with excessive sponsorship.</p>
<p>For now, this introduction will be accompanied by a trial phase, an experimental one limited only to the US market where to assess its impact under various terms, in particular in the users' pleasure and on the use of the application, to then be gradually extended globally. This type of advertising could, thanks to Instagram, represent a novelty for the development of the app and the specific market if the results prove satisfactory.</p>
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