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Instagram adds two photo editing features

The app opens to the customization of the editing for the images: "Color" and "Fade" leave more room for movement for the user to work the photos

Instagram continues to add features to make itself more and more competitive. This time it's up to the instruments "Color" is "Fade".

One of the great limitations of the application has always been to offer users pre-established filters that have left little room for manual image editing. The addition of new tools, in fact, has never allowed those who published the photos to modify them based on custom photo editing parameters. This is why users have always turned elsewhere – above all VSCO – by exploiting the app mainly for its functionality. social network.

The function "Color" allows to work the image based on the predominant (yellow, red, purple …), while "Fade" softens the tones, in a sort of fading that recalls the aged effect. Whoever edits the image can choose how much to use the function.


Instagram introduces the two new features after allowing it to search by hashtag even from desktop, having set the chronological order, and having launched Layout for the creation of collages.


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