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Instagram account lock: stricter rules arrive

Instagram Account Lock

Instagram is working on new rules for account lockout and removal of suspicious accounts. The new rules will apply to all users.

Instagram account blocking becomes more severe. Less than a week after Alex Jones and other extreme right-wing extremists blocked the account, Instagram announces that it is working on a new policy for removing suspicious accounts. These guidelines, which will be applied soon, will change the way in which Instagram determines when an account must be removed from its app. To date, the mechanism is based on a policy that allows a certain percentage of violations within a window of time before Instagram decides to close someone's account, but the company claims that this can create tolerance phenomena for users who publish thickor. Basically, the more a public account contains content, the more violations allowed and it is easy to see how this can be problematic.

Instagram Account Lock

Suspicious Instagram account lockout: the new rules

But things are about to change: with the new policy, based on what Instagram has said, accounts will be removed after a number of violations and a window of time that have not yet been made public. The limit will be the same for all users, regardless of how often they publish content. The company has stated that it does not want to share the exact number of shots that it takes, nor the time required, because it does not want bad actors, as it defines them, to take advantage of the system or deceive it. However, Instagram believes that its new set of rules will make it possible to strengthen community guidelines in a more coherent way, but only time will tell if this plan will actually be effective.

Last Tuesday, Instagram also announced that it will soon allow users to appeal to oppose the company's decisions regarding posts that have been obscured directly within the app. These efforts are all part of the company's plan to make Instagram safer.