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Instagram: 10 rules for creating success stories

Instagram: 10 rules for creating success stories

How to correctly use hashtags, animations and stickers, how to intercept viral contents: here are the tips of the expert Mirko Scarcella

Photo: Pixabay

Not just photos. Ever since Instagram borrowed the idea of stories from Snapchat, his philosophy changed. And as a result we have discovered a new way of doing social: telling each other like in a photo novel or a short film, improvised (improvised?) Directors of every fleeting moment. And this is precisely what according to experts our popularity on Instagram. But what are the secrets of a good story? Those who follow us do so out of interest or curiosity, he explains Mirko Scarcella, defined by Dagospia the Italian king of social media and author of The Bible-success, fame and money, a book in which he explains how to achieve success by taking advantage of Instagram's long wave. “Followers should be stimulated every day with questions, requests, advice. Stories are a very powerful tool compared to posts but to be successful we have to expose ourselves personally, without hesitation. And who shy? The advice to create your own character, pen and paper in hand, starting from a talent, a passion, putting your face into it ". And then? Always Scarcella suggests to follow these 10 rules:

1. Stories must reflect our visual identityCreating interesting and inspiring stories is essential for users to stop and watch them. So the first thing to learn that we must distinguish ourselves from others by creating something that has not yet been seen. Only in this way can we emerge, explains Scarcella.

2. Find the best version of usUnderstanding what the trending content appreciated by our followers is the first step in raising the engagement (involvement) of the stories. Analyzing Instagram insights helps us understand what they like. The suggestion is always to create, redo and above all insist. Publishing different content allows us to understand what works and what needs to be abandoned or redone. To find the best version of ourselves, we need to invest time experimenting with new ideas that can capture attention.

3. The stories that work the most?Today the stories that work the most and that bring greater visibility to content (including posts) are entertainment with quizzes, tutorials, stories, advantageous offers. All in first person of course.

4. The power of hashtagsHashtags allow you to catalog our content correctly to make Instagram's algorithm show it to all users in tune with the content itself. So fundamental to use them, obviously relevant. It also applies to stories: if browsing, users find our story in the section Explore, and above all if they find it interesting, they could visit our profile en masse interacting with other contents published in the feed until they start following us. In the stories can add up to 10 hashtags: the advice to use them all, inherent to our content. Do we not like the idea that they are visible? they can be hidden under a text or customized gifs.

5. Create animated stories to focus attention for longerAround 500 million users watch stories on Instagram daily. Numbers that make us understand the potential of this tool. Emerging is not easy, but animated stories with gifs, traditional stickers (Instagram digital stickers) and musicals, music and personalized filters allow you to differentiate yourself from others. By the way: Instagram's algorithm prefers animated stories to static images.

6. The stickersUsing stickers is an excellent strategy to create traffic by stimulating immediate user actions. Instagram offers several options to actively stimulate people: for example, surveys are strategic because they give followers the opportunity to express their preference of choice and to us to acquire valuable feedback to understand what they expect and how to satisfy them. Animating the stories helps to make them more engaging and, consequently, to raise our reputation towards our fans. Moreover, with GIF you can launch more incisive calls to actions than just the textual element: let's think about the success of the expression swipe up and the amount of gifs used by users to make more effective the action to be performed by those who follow us. The same applies to the sticker of the questions which, like the surveys, allow users to dialogue, to reason and why not, to be noticed by ourselves in case the question or motivation stimulates value. Just as the place sticker helps us to involve users who are in the surrounding area at that time.

7. Aim for viral contentWe need to make our content go viral. To create engagement and get noticed by as many people as possible, stories must have something unique and convince those who watch them to interact with us, asking them for example to express an opinion and convince them to share our content.

8. The strength of the UGC!Were we mentioned in a story or tagged in the feed? The algorithm will premier us: the so-called user generated content or UGC are like word of mouth in real life: people are more likely to trust the content produced by people, considered closer and more truthful than those produced by companies. So, always good that someone shares our stories and our posts.

9. Watch the clockKnowing the days and times when our followers are most active on Instagram useful for increasing the views of our stories. Nothing should be left to chance. Publish by taking advantage of the most frequent peaks and use of the application by users allow our content to be viewed by multiple people. Instagram Insights are our faithful ally to monitor the activity tab on a daily basis, which allows you to view the interactions on your account, focusing on the most attractive days and times.

10. Always answer questions that come from users in DMDirect messages are the new e-mail. They collect messages, mentions, questions or user feedback. The advice: if we receive a message on the sidelines of a story, we always reply: make it clear that behind the Instagram account there is a fundamental person to create relationships and engagement for our or our brand's benefit.


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