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Inside iPhone photos of the production lines… iPhone

Inside iPhone photos of the production lines … iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

He takes an iPhone home, connects it to the Mac and finds three photos of the phone's production line inside. Here is the surprise that happened to 'Thomas' an English Mac enthusiast.

The strange story actually happened to Thomas's mother. The iPhone in question was new and the discovery occurred while the 'technological' lady was trying to change the background of the iPhone. it was at that point that the three images appeared. Two are substantially unrecognizable in their content (even if one of the two captures the profile of the iPhone), while in the third one clearly distinguishes a series of phones covered with the well-known (for those who bought one) plastic film that protects the displays, placed inside multiple shells of stiffer plastic which are probably used for handling within the factory.

How it happened that an iPhone left the factory with the stored images difficult to say. It can be assumed that some employee handled the device and, by chance or voluntarily, took some pictures. The result was a small (very small) glimpse of the iPhone's 'cradle'.

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