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Inmotion V8, the electric single wheel that you carry around like a trolley

Inmotion V8, il monoruota elettrico

For some years now, people have often relied on traveling to the city new electric means of transport and Inmotion V8 another alternative you can rely on. Unlike the electric bicycle – where the user sits on the seat – and the electric scooter or the Segway, which ride while keeping control on the handlebar, for type of use this variant is closer to the electric skateboard and to the recent hoverboards.

In fact, everything is in balance: with Inmotion V8 the user rests both feet on single platforms, interspersed with a single 16-inch wheel. Slight inclinations of the body will allow them to move forward, slow down, brake, turn from one side to the other or completely reverse the direction.

Why choose such a solution soon said. First of all, the batteries can be removed and replaced at any time, so the unicycle will not be thrown away when the natural course of the batteries excessively reduces its autonomy.

Inmotion V8, the electric single-wheel

In addition to this, its 13.5 kg of weight can be managed better than other electric vehicles. Here in fact it is possible to extract the handle and drag the unicycle as if it were a trolley, without therefore having to lift it (with all the disadvantages that would follow from the weight to bear).

Another advantage lies in the presence of front lights to illuminate the street in the evening and dozens of LEDs on the sides which greatly increase its visibility, to the advantage of the safety road traffic for the driver and other vehicles on the road.

As for i technical details, the manufacturer ensures a range of around 40 km and a maximum speed of 30 km / h. It can carry people for a maximum weight of 120 kg and IP55 certified, therefore it resists dust and splashes of water. With nominal power of 800W, the 480 Wh battery recharges completely (from 0% to 100%) in 4-5 hours.