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Information Security, a growing market in Italy in 2019

Understanding and facing new threats to privacy and cyber security, investments in our country do not stop

For any organization, large or small, information security is the top priorityThere is a precarious situation in which data protection from hackers and cybercriminals is the main challenge and concern. And to mitigate it, all large IT companies, software infrastructure providers, network operators, application developers and countless research organizations have joined together and worked hard to combat this information vulnerability, their theft and violation. And to corroborate this commitment is the growth in the information security market in Italy which reached a value of 1.317 billion euros in 2019, up by about 11% compared to 2018.

The data emerges from a research by the Information Security and Privacy Observatory of the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic, presented at the conference 'Security-enabled transformation: the showdown in the Lombard capital.

Information Security in Italy

The Information Security & Privacy Observatory, promoted by the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic, in its fifth edition, responds to the need of companies to know, understand and face new threats to privacy and cyber security supporting the companies themselves in choosing the most appropriate protections, making them aware of the importance of monitoring and controlling the activities and showing them the techniques and technologies to support the adopted Information Security.

During 2019, Information Security in Italy was confirmed as one of the main digital investment priorities for companies. Trends in digital innovation, such as the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, are increasingly widespread within organizations and cyber security is no longer perceived as an obstacle to the adoption of new technologies and services, but as a critical success factor.

Research in detail

information security in Italy

Traditional security solutions gather 52% of investments, compared to 48% in services that grow the most (up 45% of companies). Technology at the center of attention artificial intelligence (AI), already used for safety management by 45% of large companies. According to the survey, at the end of 2019 55% of companies have completed the adaptation to the GDPR (they were 24% last year) and 45% increased investments for this purpose.

61%, however, today have a Data Protection Officer in their organization. And it focuses on the effects of Cybersecurity Act, which has defined a certification system for IT security at European level and which for 76% of executives will bring more guarantees of security, regulatory uniformity, competitive advantages and lower costs.

71% of large Italian companies say that the internal team already has the necessary skills, 40% are looking for new profiles. In particular, 51% looking for Security Analyst, 45% of Security Architect and 31% Security Engineer, therefore figures at the top of the requests of the recruiters. Again according to the research, it still appears scarce for the organizational maturity of the companies. In 40% of organizations there is no specific Information Security function, which remains within the IT department.