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Independent Games Festival: 4 out of 5 prizes go to iPhone and touch

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Every year at the Independent Games Festival, signed by IGF among professionals, the best games released during the year are selected and judged for the main smartphone platforms and portable consoles. In addition to iPhones and touches, these include Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation Portable, cellphones and smartphones in general. This year 4 out of 5 prizes were awarded to video games available on the App Store for iPhone and touch, so the list of winners, finalists and even the titles selected as noteworthy represent a good opportunity to take a look and put hands on the most interesting titles of the last year that maybe we missed.

In the best Mobile game section the winner Glow Artisan for Nintendo DS but as the best artistic result we find Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery for iPhone and touch. In the Technical Achievement section Stair Dismount was awarded in which we have to drop a test dummy from the stairs trying to cause the maximum possible damage. The manikin actually represents what we want, like an ex-friend, the office manager and so on: to make the fall simulation more credible we can apply the photo of the desired face on our manikin. At this point we position ourselves behind him, on top of a dangerous ladder, and we must choose the part of the body on which to exert the push. The game is brilliant and very fun, as shown in the video

For the Audio Achievement prize, the game Lilt line was chosen, an innovative game in which the action on the screen follows the rhythm of the music, available from this App Store page. The title of best iPhone game has been awarded to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor where the controls on the touch screen allow you to move an enterprising spider while exploring an abandoned house. In addition to jumping and creating cobwebs to eat the other insects during the adventure, we will find details and clues in the most remote ravines of the abandoned villa that will allow us to shed light on the mystery of the last family who lived in the house.

Among the finalists who competed as the best mobile game we mention MiniSquadron, a fun game in which we have to control mini airplanes between stunts and fights in a pure cartoon style environment.

The list of finalists is interesting for identifying some of the best games released for iPhone and touch during the year. So we remember in the section Achievements in Art Guerilla Bob that brought a breath of fresh air in the genre especially survival on the iPhone and touch. Instead of only having to survive in a unique environment invaded by enemies, in Guerrilla Bob you need to move forward and continue within various different scenarios, all graphically well cared for. In addition to the exploration and variety of landscapes, we will also have to deal with spectacular and unusual bosses at the end of the level

Another noteworthy finalist in this section is the original Zombie Pizza in which we have to prepare succulent pizzas for the zombies, without skimping on ingredients such as eyeballs, hearts, entrails and so on, at the same time trying to keep production constant. Only then can we keep the zombies at bay waiting outside by tapping on the glass and possibly saving our own lives.

In the Technical Achievements section the finalists are SCVNGR which in fact is a platform for creating games for mobile devices in which interaction and digital elements are merged with real world information, in particular the GPS position. The free iPhone and touch application can be downloaded from this link. Another finalist Tumbledrop is a physics-based game in which various objects must be removed one by one, avoiding that the pink star in precarious balance ends up off the screen. The simple idea but the deserving execution: the game offers a very accurate and fresh graphics, a faithful reproduction of physics and the force of gravity and above all numerous fun screens.

In addition to the aforementioned lilt line and Zombie Pizza among the finalists for the Audio Achievement category we mention mublip which has yet to be released on the App Store. The program shows a sequence of sounds combined with figures on the screen: the player has the task of memorizing the sequences and reproducing the sounds with multi-touch controls by touching the figures.

The latest category dedicated to the best iPhone games is also worth a closer look. here among the finalists we find the aforementioned Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor that we highly recommend to all iPhone and touch users who have not tried it yet.

For Tetris fans who do not cancel a few games at the sodoku Drop7 a title to keep in mind. Proposed on the App Store for € 2.39, we must check the fall of some discs from above: each disc has a number inside. If this number equals the number of disks in the row or column in which it falls, the other elements disappear as in Tetris.

Finally we have Hook Champ, Macitynet has already talked about it here. It is an action and exploration game that for immediate gameplay, graphics and audio is very reminiscent of the blockbusters of the 8bit era.

For all lovers of gaming on Apple's multi touch paperbacks, we remind you that today on the App Store a page entirely dedicated to the winners, the finalists and also the noteworthy titles of the IGF 2010 is available. For those looking for a new game we recommend a exploration from this link.