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Incognito browsing with Chrome without leaving a trace

Chrome, the Google browser among those appreciated by Internet users for some features that distinguish it. The best known advantage is its speed of navigation, but Chrome it is also appreciated for other lesser known but equally useful qualities. For example, one of the advantages there incognito browsing with Chrome to protect your privacy.

Surf incognito with Chrome a service requested and used by more and more users. Googlehe predicted it by default, but not everyone is aware of it, that's why we talk about it in this article. If you keep reading we explain how to navigate incognito with Chrome with a simple click. If the intention is to open an incognito window, that is, without leaving any trace of your passage, there are several methods:

Incognito browsing with Chrome

Incognito browsing with Chrome

  • Download Google Chrome to your computer. Vainelmendrop down located on the bar at the top right and select new incognito navigation window.

browse incognito 2

  • Before opening the window, the browser will show you a warning on the screen informing you of the privacy mode of the service:

You switched to incognito browsing

Now you can browse privately. Other people who use this device will not see your activities, but downloads and favorites will be saved.

Chromenon saves you the following information:

  • Browsing history
  • Cookies and site data
  • Information entered in the forms

Your business may still be visible:

  • To websites visited
  • To your employer or school
  • To your Internet service provider

In addition, all extensions will be disabled. can be reactivated individually in Extension management. At this point, type your search and the warning will disappear from the screen.

Incognito browsing with Chrome 1

  • If you don't want to activate the function from men, you can also do this with this key combination: ctrl + shift + n.
  • It can also be activated using the right mouse button located on the taskbar, next to the icon Chrome and select new incognito navigation window.
  • If while browsing the internet, you want to open a link you are interested in but in disguise, just go to the relevant link and click with the right mouse button and from men to select open link in incognito navigation window.

surf incognito 4

The verification that you have activated the function to browse incognito with Chrome, the appearance at the top left of the image of the ghost with glasses.

As we said, when you want to do incognito browsing with Chrome all the are disabled extensions which are activated. You can also keep them open, just click on men, going up tools, then on extensions. A window will open with all the add-ons, we just have to select the ones we want to activate with a check mark next to the item allow incognito mode. This, however, will entail the possibility that some data may be stored.

This privacy is becoming a serious problem for those who surf the internet. You can learn more about this by reading this guide on how to navigate incognito on PC and Mac.

It is also interesting to know how to navigate incognito on Android devices.