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In the USA a woman throws an old Apple I assembled by Jobs: Vale 200 …

In the USA a woman throws an old Apple I assembled by Jobs: Vale 200 ...


This also happens that a woman gets rid of an old PC and that all Silicon Valley you look for it far and wide because that old Apple computer was actually a Apple I, which is a collector's item.

In fact, Apple I was built in only 200 specimens assembled by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in person in 1976 and which during an auction was sold for 200 thousand dollars. The auction house that sold the item has as a rule that half of the proceeds are due to the rightful owner and therefore the hunt for the mysterious woman starts.

The computer was part of a batch reported by the woman to the company that deals with recovering electronic equipment that she had abandoned on the occasion of the release of her garage after the death of her husband. This emerged by voice from Victor Gichun, vice president of the Clean Bay Area, the electronic waste recovery company, and added that the woman did not want the tax receipt and did not even leave a phone number.

Giuchun confirmed that after opening the lady 's box they could not believe their eyes that they had an Apple I in hand and immediately thought of a fake but after analyzing it, their authenticity was ascertained and auctioned where they were awarded a man for a private collection. Do you think the woman will show up?

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