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In the schemes iPhone 12 is thinner and more modern, perhaps Smart Connector arrives

Negli schemi iPhone 12 è più sottile e moderno, forse arriva Smart Connector

Practically all the advances that have emerged so far on the next top terminals of Cupertino are confirmed by the alleged CAD schemes of the iPhone 12 which show a smartphone with completely revised design and look, much thinner than the current ones, also thanks to an impressive reduction of all the edges around to the display.

This confirms the design similar to that of the iPad Pro for the more squared corners, less rounded than those in force since the iPhone 6, which also recall the style already used by Apple for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 generations. The CAD schemes are attributed to the heir of the iPhone 11 Pro Max: to accommodate the larger screen from 6.7 instead of the current one from 6.5 increase the height and width of the terminal, in addition to the aforementioned substantial reduction of all the edges around the display that go from 2.52 millimeters to only 1.55mm, a reduction of about 60% less.

In the more subtle and modern iPhone 12 schemes, perhaps Smart Connector arrives

Also noteworthy is the expected reduction in thickness: while the current top model 8.1mm thick, the iPhone 12 schemes point to only 7.4mm. Also as expected, the rear riser which houses all the cameras and the flash, will contain 4 lenses (three cameras plus LiDAR depth sensor) all with a slightly larger diameter than the current ones, thus suggesting changes and improvements also for lenses and sensors. The change in design and the reduced thickness of the chassis result in a greater thickness for the camera block which seems to pass at 1.26mm against the current 1.21mm.

In the more subtle and modern iPhone 12 schemes, perhaps Smart Connector arrives

But there are also other relevant news. The SIM compartment is shown on the opposite side of the current one and in a slightly different position, while an elongated and rounded rectangle notch appears in its place. Shape and dimensions seem to suggest the arrival of Smart Connector also on iPhone, in any case we have heard of this addition for years now and so far it has never materialized. The lateral notches for the antennas also change, expected to be wider, probably for the support of 5G connectivity.

In the iPhone 12 schemes in circulation, reported by leaker Max Weinbach and in the video of EveryThingApplePro that we report in this article, the notch is identical to the current one but this detail could change because the project dates back to January. In various advances, the arrival of a notch noticeably thinner and even shorter, as well as having a different shape compared to what has been seen so far.

Finally, changes in the colors proposed by Cupertino are expected: Navy Blue, purple and orange are anticipated for the new range. All that has emerged so far on the iPhone 12 summarized in this macitynet article.