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In search of pirates of peer to peer: easy but "tracked" MP3 download!

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In search of pirates of peer to peer: easy but "tracked" MP3 download! –

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The Danish anti-piracy group (APG) has identified 150 pirates, simple users intent on "innocently" downloading large quantities of files from the network, ordering them to pay a sum that is around 133,600 US Dollars and a maximum of 13,360 Dollars per person : basically a refund for the copyrighted material that had been downloaded from the Internet. APG worked in collaboration with the Danish section of the International Federation of Industries in Phonography.

Although in cases like these it is controversial to determine from a legal point of view how the evidence of theft is acceptable without having the computer of the perpetrator available APG's lawyers trust the judgment of the court before which the cases will be brought to verify the congruit of compensation.

What is interesting from a strictly technical point of view is the fact that the authors of the copyright infringement were identified through the tracking or tracing activity on two of the most popular Peer to Peer management services in Denmark: Edonkey and Kaaza (the latter also very used in our country) through the control of the belonging of their IP Address which identified the connection from the Nordic country.The program used by AGP and developed by two Danish students was obviously able to establish which files were shared (the peer to peer software is based precisely on the sharing of archives on the hard drives of all connected users) and to evaluate how many and which of these had been made available to the public or downloaded in violation of copyright.

The judge who examined the case found that the operation was perfectly legal and that it did not violate any privacy policy and so we proceeded to find the owners of the IPs and computers that had clumsily been shared: students, professionals who freely exchanged games, MP3s, films. As we said, the determination of the accuracy of the compensation for the violation will be difficult but the possibility of free investigation on those who use P2P systems for the exchange of pirated software on the web should make many users think again the "normal" and above all the safety of behaviors that allow the cross-downloading of archives of dubious or illegal origin.

In fact, the Danish case could also lead to a modest economic recovery for the record companies but turn into a good deterrent for those who believe that downloading illegal files from the internet can be a light-hearted operation.

(thanks to Marco Banfi for reporting)

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