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In New York also speed bump for upgrade cards?

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In New York also speed bump for upgrade cards? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Rumors want Apple to release faster versions of its PowerMacs in New York next month, but in the context of the review held at Javitz there will be good news even for those who do not want to change their machines but aim to update the cards. mothers with processor upgrades.

To reveal that numerous new products are about to arrive on the market NewsFactor which cites internal sources to one of the major and most respected manufacturers of update cards, Sonnet.The American company does not confirm that it is working on products that could finally bring in the field of upgrading, postponing everything until July 17 but NewsFactor says he is certain that even for the latest chips from both Motorola and IBM there is time to end up in update cards.

These would be products that will touch the 867 MHz using the G4 of the 7451 series, the same as the last Titanium. It is more difficult that cards with the MPC 7455 can be born that reach up to 1 GHz but pose power problems due to their higher consumption.

Note that IBM could also offer good solutions with its PPC 750FX series G3s that reach up to 1 GHz and consume less than Motorola. The problem is the non-support of AltiVec technology.

A few months ago Sonnet herself confirmed that she was working on new products claiming that before their release it was necessary to solve some technical problems, such as finding a system to overcome the difficulties posed by the different power supply of the processors compared to those old.

Currently the fastest update cards are able to bring the old Mac to 550 MHz even if some independent and little known manufacturers have released upgrades up to 700 MHz.

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