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In Mac OS X 10.2 no boot CD from Mac OS 9

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Mac OS X 10.2, in addition to marking an important stage for the adoption of the new OS, will also be a new step forward in the march towards the goal of the definitive abandonment of Mac OS 9.

According to what has been learned from some news collected on the net, in fact, with the new G4 presented yesterday and in the Mac OS X 10.2 package on sale from next August 24, the Mac OS 9 boot CD will not be included.

This will make it impossible to do some operations that Classic's "nostalgics" still operate today. For example, you will not be able to format the hard disk and create two partitions, one with Mac OS Classic and one with Mac OS X. Mac OS 9 will be pre-installed on the system and in case of problems it will be reinstallable through a Restore CD.

From what has always been learned from news collected on the Internet and all to be verified but still quite reliable, the new machines will be able to boot from Classic. Baster start from Mac OS X and select, using System Prefercences, in "Startup Disk" the system folder with Mac OS 9.

In fact, if it is true that Mac OS 9 is not provided on CD, it is equally true that the Classic operating system on the Mac OS X disk which continues to use it to launch applications that are not compatible with Mac OS X.

Equally obviously those who have a Classic operating system, because for example they bought it, will be able to transfer it to the new machine and do all the operations they are used to.

On the other hand, Apple is not yet in a position to "force" the hand and prevent booting from Classic. Some applications either don't work or work poorly in the Classic environment on Mac OS X.

The case of Xpress appears quite obvious.

The layout program does not yet have a Carbon version and many users continue to use versions that base the copy protection system on ADB keys. In cases like these, the only solution is to purchase a USB / ADB adapter that is not recognized in a Classic environment by Mac OS X, requiring the use of a Mac OS 8 or 9 operating system. If it really was not possible to boot from Classic a large number of potential sales in the graphic environment, where Xpress Carbon is expected to upgrade the old Quark products, would in fact be frozen.

Reassure those who, out of obligation or conviction, are still supporters of the old OS, it must be said that the current situation cannot last much longer.

Apple has already buried (even allegorically, during WWDC in May) and it may not be long before all of its recent machines really stop booting from MacOS 9.

A door, perhaps to remain open in Mac OS X within which the glorious operating system that we have all known since the 1980s could survive for a long time to preserve the investment in software of Apple's customers.