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In England cheaper iMac: a C / net error [aggiornato]

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iMac lowest prices in England. The announcement contained in an article published yesterday by the usually reliable online magazine C / Net aroused the hope of seeing discounts applied to the desktop computer elsewhere.

It is a pity that the article, which cited the testimony of some British retailers in support of its theses, was related to old news.

In fact, the 700 Mhz entry level model with CD-RW burner at a reduced price of 100 pounds less (about 150 euros) and the version with combined burner at 50 pounds less are active from 17 July when discounts were applied throughout the world on the occasion of the appearance of the 17-inch model

During the conference for the presentation of the fiscal results, Fred Anderson had announced the need to cut prices in Europe, following the weakening of the dollar. The US retailers in recent days had declared that Cupertino had changed the so-called MAP, the minimum price with which you can advertise the sale of the iMac. In this case, for it was not a real cut to the price lists. The retailers who see at that price in fact spontaneously give up a part of the profit.

All this made the C / Net article credible, even if only for a few hours

In fact, there have been no further discounts on Apple's iMac price in England or anywhere else in the past week.