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In China there would be real factories to vote the Apps and stagger …

In China there would be real factories to vote the Apps and stagger ...


In China there would be real factories to vote on the Apps and offset the AppStore rating

app store ranking manipulation farm

It is true that the Chinese know more than the devil, but the latest investigation that would see real ones rating factories for apps it is incredible why it would be absurd for App developer companies to pay some users to falsify the rating of theApp Store. The image you see in the opening article appeared on the social network Weibo and then appeared everywhere on Twitter has gone around the world because it sees a girl in front of many iPhones intent on voting apps in a guided way.

This is to get a jump in the ranking of stores so as to be even more downloaded and therefore earn more. On weibo also other details of the work done by the girl emerged, which apparently would be widespread in the country of the rising sun, where numerous factories would manage the world app rankings so as to direct the user to install the app of the payer to climb the rankings of the most downloaded and commented app.

A. Has also been published real tariff which sees the payment of 70000 Yuan, around 10 thousand euros, to bring a free app to the top ten of the App Store costs 70000 Yuan and to continue to remain in the top 10 companies will have to pay 57 thousand euros per week. So don't trust the rankings shown on the stores because they could very likely be distorted.

app store manipulation prices


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