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In China Google banned

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Google prohibited and inaccessible. This, presumably unwelcome, surprise that tens of millions of network enthusiasts residing in the Asian country have faced over the weekend.

The decision to block access to Google, the most popular of search engines, although not yet officially confirmed by local authorities, should be traced back to the declared willingness to block the vision of sites deemed "unwelcome" by the government.

The decision to block the vision of some sites is certainly not new for China. Several news sites are not accessible for Chinese surfers and the censorship of the ideas and content of local sites is certainly not new, but the first time a site that deals exclusively with searches is blocked.

The decision to block Google, widely used in the populous Asian country for its simplicity and the ability to search also in Chinese, would have been made, according to some local sources, for the fact that it can lead to explore sites with pornographic content, associated the outlawed Falun Gong spiritual movement and information deemed dangerous for national security.