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Immune: the app for tracking infections is official, how it works

Immune coronavirus tracking app

It is an Italian application for voluntary use for which Commissioner Arcuri has signed the order to proceed with the conclusion of the contract

It will be called immune the coronavirus infection tracking app chosen by the government. The emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri signed the ordinance. This is the project selected by the group of experts in the Innovation Department, proposed to the premier by Minister Paola Pisano April 10th is now under the scrutiny of the Colao team. The stipulation on the Immuni app provides the free granting of the license on the contact tracing software and free service contract with the company Bending Spoons Spa.

Coronavirus tracking APP

An experiment will be launched in some pilot regions to progressively extend voluntary faculty. Arcuri clearly says he is hopeful about citizens' support for using the Immuni app (remember not mandatory) which serves to prevent the dramatic phase 1 from being repeated. In addition to the regional tests, one will startat Ferrari's Maranello and Modena offices. The voluntary download the application will be proposed to the car manufacturer's employees. The voluntary service, which had also been supported by the European Commission, will obviously also involve the rest of the population when, in May, the Immuni app will be available. To be effective, it will have to involve 60 percent of Italians. THEnot an easy but difficult task. Instead, these days the sending of an sms on the mobile phones of Lombard citizens to invite the use of the AllertaLOM app we were talking about here.

Immune app, features

Immune coronavirus tracking app

soon on our mobile the Immune App for the tracking of the infection by Coronavirus

The choice went to the application developed by the Milanese companyBending Spoonsin partnership with the Santagostino Diagnostic Center ofLuca Forestiand Jakala. The app participated in the selection of the Ministry of Innovation and was chosen among the over 300 proposals that arrived. It is based onbluetooth, the cardinal principle on which Europe moves. Just yesterday, the EU Commission dictated the rules for the tracking system: anonymity and no geolocation, s abluetooth and volunteerism.

EU countries are converging towards a common approach with solutions that minimize the processing of personal data, writes Europe in the document drawn up today in collaboration with governments.

Those who download the Immuni app will have access to two sections. A clinical diary to keep track of his state of health and the possible evolution of the symptoms of the coronavirus, without any data leaving the device. The second section is that of tracking contacts and is based on bluetooth technology, which allows the smartphone to recognize and save the codes of the devices it has been close to and have the app installed.

Immune tracking app: how it works

A citizen who tests positive for the COVID-19 test will then be questioned by the doctor, with its own version of the application, on the possibility of unlocking, again voluntarily, with a code the list of anonymized contacts of those who crossed (about 1 meter the precision distance) to send a notification to those at risk of contagion. For now, the use of GPS is not foreseen, to reconstruct the movements of the infected and not only its encounters, but it is not excluded that the authorities ask to integrate it later.

In Europe there is already a project that meets these criteria, on which France and Germany are converging. Is calledPepp-Pt(Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing) was set up by a group of 130 scientists and 32 among companies and research institutes from 8 countries (including theISI Foundation of Turin). Among the partners of the project there is Vodafone and also Bending Spoons.