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Imitating Snapchat, Facebook is doing it wrong

Imitating Snapchat, Facebook is doing it wrong

Slingshot starts on the wrong foot: if someone takes a picture of your photo, it doesn't warn you

(Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)

Despite the attempt to purchase – gone down the drain – perhaps Mark Zuckerberg and company have not fully grasped the sense of Snapchat. The ephemeral instant messaging app was created to exchange photos that disappear in a few seconds from the recipient screens, as it now allows to do Slingshot, the clone vby the CEO himselfof Facebook and made available a few hours ago in the US for Android and iOS.

The first version contains a flaw that does not look much like a bug, but rather a a real design mistake. The recipients of the messages can in fact make a screenshot (ie acquire a screen of what is happening on the screen) and immortalize forever what the senders have sent. In spite of the will of the latter.

Of course, even on Snapchat you can do it, and although the app tries to warn you when your contact is saving the shots you sent him, there are the means to get around the obstacle. To completely avoid implementing a similar function is equivalent to give the green light to anyone who wants to be smart with other people's photos: not really the best way to start snatching users from the competing service.


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