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iMicroonde, fast and intelligent cooking with iPhone and iPod touch

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iMicroonde, fast and smart cooking with iPhone and iPod touch –

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Raise your hand if you don't have a microwave oven at home; then lift the person who uses it to do much more than defrost the ice cream as too hard or heat some dish taken out of the freezer. We do not have a crystal ball or a kind of computer telepathy, but we are sure that the difference between the first and the second group is really minimal. Leaving the ranks of those who do not exploit the potential of this widespread but also very versatile appliance, easy if you have an iPhone or iPod touch available. Just go to the App Store and download iMicroonde, an application that serves to learn how to use the oven to create dishes and recipes of all kinds.

The program designed with the aim of collecting the most suitable and most suitable recipes for the microwave oven, listing them by course, from the starter to the front. For each recipe, preparation times, ingredients, level of difficulty and even any necessary kitchen tools are listed. The guided recipe; the application explains practically step by step how to do it and contains many recipes for appetizers, pasta or rice first courses, meat, fish and vegetable second courses.

The program also includes a search system and a series of general tips that allow you to make the most of the oven in relation to food.

iMicroonde costs 1.59 cents and can be purchased from here

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