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iMac "sideways", indiscretion to laugh

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The imminence of Macworld, as always, unleashes the most impossible rumors and the wildest fantasies of many Internet sites.

The "noise of the day" to report that proposed by a certain Daniel who presents his thesis on a so-called "iMac +" (read "plus"). The machine, which is also presented in a graphic elaboration, would have the characteristic of being able to rotate the screen by 90 degrees in order to have a vertical screen, such as the not forgotten "Apple portrait monitor".

According to the site, vertical viewing of the screen, which could be useful for particular uses (think of MAME!), Would be guaranteed by an update of Mac OS X that would be launched for the occasion.

If you are thinking that it is a half madness but above all, know that the same author hastens to emphasize that it is a joke, clearly writing it at the bottom of the page. A way of making fun of some site accustomed to treasure every rumor, however improbable, among those that go wild on the net.

If you find this polite tease reported as an indiscretion "drawn from reliable sources" on other sites, don't say that you were not warned …

Meanwhile, some of our inspired readers have found another possibility of using the Mac, inspired by a Philips advertisement: discover it on the page put online by Paolo Basile.