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IMac Pro price in Italy: starts at € 5,599 and exceeds € 15,000

iMac Pro the Italy price

iMac Pro the price in Italy starts at 5,599 euros and the official release on December 14th. A highly anticipated model with a high price

Finally the release date of the iMac Pro: the official release on December 14th. It seems a century has passed since Apple first announced its intention to market the brand new iMac Pro, the professional version of its all-in-one. Announced at the WWDC, the company promised that the computer would arrive in December, and, despite a few months of silence on this front, it appears to be actually making it available to the public. The official release for the iMac pro on December 14th

iMac pro Release in Italy and price

The dark gray desktop will be available in a few days, December 14, accompanied by aSome high quality technical features, but at an equally high price. The iMac Pro starts at $ 4,999, includes a Xeon processor up to 18 cores, up to 128 GB of RAM, up to 4 TB of storage and it is a machine with remarkable performance in a recognizable and appreciable aesthetic. Note that the reported figure concerns minimum and not maximum specifications.

iMac Pro Price in Italy

the price of the iMac Pro starts at 5,599.00 but in its maximum configuration, that is:

  • IntelXeonW 18-core 2.3GHz processor (TurboBoost up to 4.3GHz)
  • 128GB of ECC DDR4 memory at 2666MHz
  • 4TB SSD unit
  • Radeon Pro Vega 64 with 16GB HBM2 memory
  • Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad 2 – Grayscale
  • MagicKeyboard with numeric keypad – Italian – Sidereal gray

arrives to cost the beauty of 15.608,00 a certainly high price

iMac Pro the Italy price

iMac Pro the price in Italy starts at 5,599 euros and reaches over 15,000

iMac Pro exit Italy price

iMac Pro is released in Italy at the same time as the USA, but we have the highest price

IMac Pro output: the first iMac Pro tests

Before the iMac Pro came out, some lucky ones had already tried it. clear that the company is continuing to focus on creative professionals and, with the standard iMac Pro currently in a state of limbo, this is Apple's most important machine for performing high-performance tasks such as editing 4K video and 3D graphics. It is therefore not surprising that the company has already given the device to a number of influencers, even before the launch.

The dynamic used is similar to that seen at the launch of iPhone X, with a diverse group of creatives that had a little time to test the product, including YouTuber, photographers and researchers. Many testers have tested the new machine for about a week.

IMac Pro tests before release

Photographer Vincent LaForet tested a 10-core version of the computer and said many nice things about the new iMac, stating: “I found a consistent set of results: an increase in speed from 2X to 3X (compared to my current iMac and MacBook Pro 15 ") a significant leap compared to most device generation jumps, which are generally ten times smaller."

Craig A. Hunter, a mechanical / aerospace engineer who now runs an iOS / Mac app development company, writes: "The closest comparable 27-inch iMac system that I have configured for a $ 3699, but with a CPU a noticeably lower graphics chipset, four less cores and other disadvantages. In this context, spend an additional $ 1300 to get an iMac Pro an obvious choice. "

The YouTuber Marques Brownlee, meanwhile, has found the ideal computer for their needs, stating that "it looks like the ideal high-end machine for YouTuber and Final Cut Pro users".

Greg Kurstin, who produced musicians like the Foo Fighters, Adele and Sia, he tweeted: "I managed to get my hands on an iMac Pro early and put it to the test, I tried itensive sessions with Logic and everything is much faster and easier." The video editor Thomas Grove Carter simply added: "the best Mac ever existed (at a certain price). "

iMac Pro high quality at a high price

In other words, the initial impressions are all reduced to the same common denominator: the iMac Pro is very good and very, very expensive. Once again, $ 4,999 just the starting price; The entry-level version boasts an eight-core Xeon processor, 1 TB of storage and 32 GB of RAM. All specifications are powerful and probably sufficient for most professional users, but if higher specifications are needed, the price starts to rise, even if the range is not yet clear.

iMac Pro: the mystery of the black cable

Apple also includes a black Lightning cable with the new iMac Pro. This black Lightning cable complements the exclusive accessories: the Space Gray Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad supplied with the Mac Pro and they all load using Lightning ports.

One particular choice is the fact that the new black cable still has a traditional USB-A connector, without therefore still adopting the USB-C connector, despite the fact that the same iMac Pro has 4 ports of this type.

LiMac Pro arrives at an important time for the company: in recent years, Microsoft has made the creative audience of Apple with its Surface line up and the company is currently completely rethinking the iMac Pro. As the SVP Phil said in April Schiller: "we have had slowdowns in upgrades and updates on this product and we are sorry, but we are going to propose something spectacular to overcome the moment".

iMac Pro price exit Italy

iMac Pro born for the virtual reality

The new system is an attempt to bring one of Apple's most popular lines into a completely new category, all embracing its primary audience, as always. The news also comes while Apple is looking to the future of content creation, in fact, during the WWDC keynote, Tim Cook pointed out that Apple is finally ready to embrace the virtual reality and clearly would like to be a key player in the creation of its contents and for to do there must provide powerful machines.

The high-end line of the iMac Pro now supports VR playback. The company has also introduced Metal for VR, for virtual reality, in the hope that developers can use their own machines to create virtual reality content. The Mac Pro product page explains it bluntly: "with the new Vega GPU, the Mac Pro lets you do much more than just dive into the worlds in VR," writes the company, "it allows you to create them from scratch."

iMac Pro exit Italy

iMac Pro release: on December 14 the price in Italy starting from 5,599 euros