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iMac LCD when braking?

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Are LCD iMacs losing momentum? The question, which arose for the first time a few days ago following some reports from market analysts that signaled a drop in sales forecasts, which has returned to current events in the last few hours.

The conviction that the decision to introduce eMac in traditional channels was the need by Apple to cope with and compensate for a slowdown in iMac, reproposed it. An article published overnight by C / Net addresses this problem, providing for, through opinions by several analysts, a reassuring picture.

The number of machines in the channels, in fact, today rather high if compared with that of a few weeks ago as Morgan Stanley points out, which would support the thesis of the decrease in sales, but this would also be due to short-term factors and precise choices in this sense from Apple.

The months of April and May are among the least propitious for the consumer market to which iMac belongs and this alone would justify the loss of speed in sales. In addition to this, Apple needs to avoid shipping iMacs by air from Taiwan, a sending method that heavily affects profit margins. To do this he needs to increase the level of the warehouses. "Many are worried because the warehouses are full that previously" he told C / Net Charles Wolf of Needham "but this corresponds exactly to Apple's plans"

In any case, as other analysts point out, despite a possible decrease in sales, Apple should still respect its budget forecasts. Signals of appreciation for eMac are already arriving from various points of the network, to which the still moderate sales of the old iMac CRT could be added.