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IMac CRT in liquidation?

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IMac CRT in liquidation? –

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The iMac CRT really seems to have come to an end.

After the information that has overlapped precisely on this topic in the past weeks, some rather explicit signal in this sense also comes from the sources of Macity.

According to several retailers, in fact, substantial promotions have started in the past few hours, pushed by Italian distributors who offer tube screen machines with really huge discounts. The cuts in the price list are allowing to prepare promos and bundles for the benefit of end customers who can therefore find the machines at price levels previously seen only on very special occasions and for a limited time.

The extent of the discount that makes you think that at this point the life of the machine that has made a piece of Apple's recent history has come to an end.

Recall that the iMac CRT has become a de facto secondary machine for Apple since the arrival of the iMac CRT. A role that went even further when the 17-inch CRT eMac was launched last spring. Apple probably intended to liquidate the iMac CRTs at the time, but the slowdown in the market forced to plan a slow death, aimed at liquidating the huge stock of components accumulated in years and years of marketing.In recent days some Taiwanese sites, usually very well informed on the subject since the majority of Cupertino's products are being built in Taiwan, they had announced how local assemblers had ceased production of the iMac CRT on Apple's orders. The liquidation taking place in these days in Italy but also abroad, suggests that Cupertino intends to get rid of the last pieces before the arrival of the Christmas gifts season, when he could plan some commercial initiative, both on the iMac LCD and on the eMac.

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