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Iliad increases GB roaming for the Giga 40 plan

With the beginning of the new year, iliad updates its tariffs to the Roaming Like At Home directive, informing users who have subscribed to the Giga 40 plan with an SMS: remember that an initial adjustment had already been made by the operator in June 2019, increasing data traffic in roaming included in the 2GB to 3GB plan.

Thanks to the new adaptation, the roaming data traffic available for subscribers to the iliad Giga 40 plan goes from the previous 3GB to 4GB, the same quantity previously available with the more expensive iliad Giga 50 plan. Below we report the text of the SMS message sent by the operator to subscribers to the Giga 40 plan.

Iliad increases GB roaming for the Giga 40 plan

Hi, we inform you that starting from 1 January 2020 we have adjusted our roaming rates in compliance with EU Regulation 531/2012 and following. More info on or in your personal area. Team Iliad. Following the link contained in the message, an information page is displayed explaining the news. The transition to 4GB of data roaming for use in one of the European countries, without any extra cost for users, far exceeds the minimum limit that the operator must guarantee.

This is not the only novelty because the adaptation to the European directive also leads to a reduction in the costs of extra-threshold data, i.e. data eventually consumed by the user beyond the new 4GB limit in roaming. Exceeded 4GB you pay 0.427 euro cents for each MB consumed.Iliad ensures no increase in rates, new offers coming soon

On Macitynet we followed the arrival of the new fourth national mobile operator starting from the advances, to the presentation of iliad Italia held in Milan, with insights on the iliad tariffs on offer launch from 5.99 euros per month for 30 GB plus unlimited calls and SMS, passing for Simbox shops and vending machines, upon signing the plan via the Internet with delivery of the iliad SIM at home, finally also with a tutorial on how to activate the iliad SIM once it is delivered to your home.

In November, iliad italia users exceeded 4.5 million: the operator continues to invest to expand its proprietary cellular network. In this article, the details of the offer from 50GB per month to 7.99 euros instead here the offers of Kena and Ho, virtual low cost operators respectively of TIM and Vodafone, introduced to counter the growing success of iliad in Italy.

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