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IKEA catalog 2019 between smart home and Bluetooth speaker: how to download the PDF

Catalogo IKEA 2019 tra casa smart e speaker Bluetooth: come scaricare il PDF

The curiosity to find new accessories dedicated to the world of audio and video and Hi-tech in the IKEA catalog 2019 has found some feedback and even this year, punctual at the end of August, the PDF version arrived (but soon there will also be updated apps) to download for viewing on computers and iPads.

Also in this year's catalog there is a squeezed eye to the smart home with an expansion of the Trdfri line which is waiting for the controlled socket for next October but in the meantime users can be satisfied with accessories with a very low price and the ability to direct smart control through remote controls and also from the apps for iOS and Android.

IKEA catalog 2019 between smart home and Bluetooth speaker: how to download the PDF

Absolute novelty of the IKEA 2018 catalog that we tried and photographed in the shop a few days ago are the ENEBY Bluetooth speakeravailable in two different sizes and in two different prices: the larger model at 89.95 Euros and the smaller model at 49.95 Euros: needless to say, they adapt perfectly to the furniture with their external fabric finishes and can also be inserted in the modular wall units and low-price shelves of the Swedish manufacturer, also to increase their impact on the bass.The speakers are single channel with one transducer for bass and one for treble. Here are the features:– Wireless connection via Bluetooth or through AUX connection – Knob for switching on / off and for adjusting the bass, treble and volume. – The two speaker stands of the ENEBY series, one of which is designed for wall mounting, are sold separately.– The larger model can be placed on the KALLAX shelf.– available in black and white– You can move the case easily thanks to the rear bass door, which can also be used as a handle (large model) – The small model equipped with handle that also allows you to hang it – it is possible to remove the mesh front and leave the inside of the speaker visible. – The automatic switch-off function saves energy when you are not using the speaker. – Amplifier output power: 42 W ( large model – double transducer for bass and double for bass) or 20 W (small model – single transducer for bass and for highs) – can be connected to the speaker up to 8 Bluetooth devices. – Standby consumption: <0.5W.

They can be completed with the ENEBY wall support, sold separately and with the ENEBY series cash desk support, sold separately.

IKEA catalog 2019 between smart home and Bluetooth speaker: how to download the PDFIn the gallery below you can find live photos of the new Bluetooth speaker models and the Tradfri kits at a reduced price.

In the Ikea 2019 catalog we find in addition to USB charger with Lrby terminal and the wireless charger compatible with iPhone Nordmrke pure classic ISBERGET support for iPad at 2.95 Euros: useful as a lectern and also for your catalog, newspaper and film consultations on the bed or sofa.

IKEA catalog 2019 between smart home and Bluetooth speaker: how to download the PDF

The IKEA 2018 catalog, as mentioned above, available for a few days in PDF format directly downloadable from this link. If you want to find all the products Trdfri It is possible to perform a text search with a normal PDF reader such as Acrobat or similar.