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IKEA and Sonos Symfonisk, speakers with AirPlay 2 now available

IKEA e Sonos Symfonisk, ora disponibili gli speaker con AirPlay 2

They have been expected by many users since the first advances of 2017: Macitynet tried them out in preview at their world debut at the Milan Design Week: now finally the IKEA Sonos Symfonisk speakers are available for purchase also in Italy.

These are the first two audio devices created in collaboration by IKEA and Sonos: the speaker lamp and the shelf speaker offer audio quality and functions that have made Sonos speakers famous all over the world, combined with IKEA experience in the field of furniture and accessories for home.

Versatility is a plus of both models: the speaker lamp with a single socket provides both speaker functions, with comparable quality audio practically indistinguishable from a Sonos One speaker (here our review), and also those of an elegant and practical IKEA lamp. The user can place it in the living room, on the bedroom bedside table or anywhere in the house. Of course, you can use the two functions separately or together.

The same goes for the shelf speaker that can be positioned in a bookcase, on a shelf or with special hooks on the rails in the kitchen. Alternatively, by using dowels and applying it to the wall, the speaker can act directly as a small shelf to support compact and light objects, transforming itself if the user also wishes into an original bedside table.

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But the new IKEA Sonos Symfonisk speakers are even more interesting for users of Apple computers and devices because in fact they are among the cheapest AirPlay 2 compatible speakers on the market today. This means that in addition to playing thousands of internet radios, the main streaming music services, including Spotify, of our playlists, you can always play audio from Mac, iPhone and iPad on the fly.

Thanks to Sonos technology, everything is managed from the Sonos app for iOS, to listen to the same song in the whole house or different sources in each room. Combining two identical speakers you get stereo audio and it is also possible to integrate a pair of IKEA Sonos Symfonisk speakers to create a surround sound system combined with the TV without having to resort to annoying cables. For example, using two speaker lamps or two shelf speakers positioned behind the sofa.

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At the time of writing, the IKEA Sonos Symfonisk speakers, the 179 euro lamp and the 99 euro shelf lamp, are indicated as available but cannot be purchased online. however, it is possible to check the availability of the desired models and colors at the nearest IKEA store. For both models IKEA informs that they will soon be available online, without specifying for the exact day.

For the photo galleries, the first contact and also the first listening impressions and other details, please refer to this article by Macitynet on the world debut at the Milan Design Week. All articles on IKEA Sonos Symfonisk are available from this page.