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IFTT: the automatisms officially land on Android

"IF This Then That"Represents a slogan probably unknown to most but very popular in the field of applications for iOS and recently landed, after the well-known example represented by Instagram, to name one, also on Android with a success that we suppose will not take long to be recognized given the usefulness that IFTT, this is the acronym that identifies the application behind the concept, makes available to its users.

In fact, IFTT is a service for Android automatisms, which may seem apparently useless given the ability to customize the green robot, whose simplicity of use and the wide variety of options can only hit you, despite the premises formulated on the OS, so more than positive. The application allows you to structure a series of actions to your liking based on the slogan expressed at the beginning, for each action in fact, "IF This ", one will be paid automatically on your choice, "Then That ".

The examples relating to IFTT are manifold, we could in fact set the notification an email as soon as a news interesting for us appears on the web or on favorite sites, or set automatic publication on the main ones social networks used by us as soon as the shot from thecamera app a picture. The permitted uses are manifold, allowing you to generate usage profiles that will be saved within the app, creating a series of personal actions based on the type of use that each user usually does, something difficult to predict with standard mechanisms.

The application officially available on Google Play Store free of charge, although the only obstacle, besides the interface inspired by iOS, but which we are certain will be updated over time, could be represented by the commands present in English, which we are equally certain, after a couple of uses, will be intuitive even by the less well-versed for other languages:

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