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iFish Pond: your fishing and relaxation pond on iPhone and touch

iFish Pond: your fishing and relaxation pond on iPhone and touch –

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By installing iFish Pond we have available on iPhone and touch a real personal pond where you can relax by doing absolutely nothing or fishing. Compared to the ponds for iPhones and previous touches, iFish Pond offers significantly more realistic graphics with seabed, water effect and fish that seem real. Here too, you can feed the fish with a double tap and relax simply by observing the pond, its life and the sounds of the forest in the background.

If we are in the mood, just shake the iPhone or touch slightly forward to drop the hook and start fishing. To successfully complete the operation, you need a little practice with the float and for the management of the wire with a reel that must always be tight. When a fish bites it is necessary to slightly shake iPhone to better hook the fish and recover it.

In the United States iFish Pond already appreciated by the first users who purchased it: on the occasion of the launch proposed for a limited time with a 50% discount at 79 cents.

Special offers

iPad Pro 2018 from 256 GB at the already low price of always: 789 euros

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