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IFA 2019, AVM news for WiFi 6, 5G and smart home

IFA 2019, AVM news for WiFi 6, 5G and smart home

AVM, a Berlin-based communications company, presented its products for fast Internet access, Wi-Fi network management and smart home management at IFA 2019, with a particular focus on Wi-Fi 6, band wide, smart home and 5G.

The new Wi-Fi 6 standard allows for higher data rates and better response times for the many devices that are connected to the network.

Below we see the doors and features of the 5G model. More details in our large gallery created at IFA 2019.

IFA 2019, AVM news for WiFi 6, 5G and smart home

The new Modems – AVM Router with Wi-Fi 6

The FRITZ! Box 6850 5G the world's first all-in-one router for home networks, ready for 5G. Thanks to fast Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN, the base dedicated to telephony and smart home, capable of offering high performance on 5G and LTE.

IFA 2019, AVM news for WiFi and smart home

The FRITZ! Box 5550 and the FRITZ! Box 5530 for optic fiber they are models suitable for the most common fiber optic connections throughout Europe and wirelessly distribute gigabit speeds in the home network via Wi-Fi 6 and a 2.5 Gbit / s fast LAN port.

With Fiber To Home you basically have to connect the fiber cable directly to your Fritz-Box for direct access to the connection.

AVM Smart HOME with DECT

As we have shown you several times, AVM Smart Home devices use the ULE-DECT wireless protocol which is included in all the company's modem routers that also have telephony. In this way it will be possible to connect not only phones but also smart sockets also sold in Italy and termovalvole (the current model for only in German linga).

IFA 2019, AVM news for WiFi and smart home

For the smart home at IFA 2019 there are interesting news: the smart bulb has been presented FRITZ! DECT 500, accessory that offers RGB lighting control, or color temperatures for every situation. The LED bulb can be managed through the new FRITZ! App Smart Home app, through FRITZ! Fon (AVM Dect phones available among other things with a new model that you see in our gallery) and via browser.

For an all-in-one control suitable for all scenarios of the smart home, the manufacturer presented the new one smart button FRITZ! DECT 440, which includes a display and a series of commands for FRITZ! DECT products.

New version also for the DECT C6 phone which has a protected headphone socket and all the Web Radio, RSS, Audio HD and smart home access capabilities of the other models.

The new MESH repeaters for Wi-Fi

AVM also unveiled the new generation of WiFi Mesh repeaters: the four FRITZ! Repeater 3000, 2400, 1200 and 600 are already available for purchase in Germany and indicated as able to meet all the coverage and range needs of wireless networks. FRITZ! OS 7.12 already available for many FRITZ! Box, FRITZ! Repeater and FRITZ! Powerline models.

Thanks to the WiFi steering mesh, the free update offers improved performance and other news dedicated to the Internet, telephony and smart home. If multiple FRITZ! Products are used in the home network, the WiFi Mesh Steering controls smartphones, tablets or other wireless devices automatically to the wireless access point with the best reception and at the same time in the appropriate frequency band. In this way the WiFi Mesh Steering optimizes the wireless connection of the individual devices, but also the load of all the wireless access points.

Devices configured as Mesh Repeaters (eg another FRITZ! Box or FRITZ! Repeater) are also technically referred to as the so-called "Access Points", in short "AP". If AP Steering is activated, make sure that the controlled wireless device is always connected to the best and at the same time the power of the entire home network is optimized. This occurs automatically, it is not necessary for the user to make particular settings. The function is activated by default, but can also be activated later in the FRITZ! Box user interface.

IFA 2019, AVM news for WiFi 6, 5G and smart home

AVM explains that Band Steering technology represents a further development of the concept of dual wireless (2.4 and 5 GHz band). Many modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks already use the two wireless bands. Band Steering designates the process in which the FRITZ! Box automatically detects band control, independently deciding which compatible dual band device takes precedence over the others and on what frequency the communication should take place. In this way the devices are integrated into the wireless network in a more efficient and consequently better data transmission speed.

Unlike wireless roaming, in the WiFi Mesh Steering not the wireless device to decide when it is reasonable to switch to the radio network, but the master of the mesh network to do so. It has the advantage that the mesh network master can better evaluate which wireless access point or which frequency band is better, as it has information on all wireless devices and their connection, including the load of the mesh repeater. Individual wireless devices are unable to detect this information.

All AVM products are available both in large retail stores and at Amazon.At the moment, several products are also on sale in the traditional and mesh Wi-Fi repeaters category.