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If you have an iPhone 4S, don't download iOS 8

If you have an iPhone 4S, don't download iOS 8


iPhone 4S, iOS 8 GM tests show a drop in performance.If you have an iPhone 4S, don't download iOS 8 – that's the reason!

IOS 8 is coming: avoid it if you have an iPhone 4S

Needless to turn around too much: iPhone 4S with iOS 8 installed slows down, works worse, goes slower. As was to be expected, the new iOS 8 operating system worsens the performance of the iPhone 4S, which is now starting to be dated and anxious to make Apple's new operating system run.

iOS 8 the new operating system that Apple is releasing right now for iPhone, iPod and iPad. As we know, one of Apple's greatest pride is represented by the fact that the company annually updates many devices, without abandoning them themselves, contrary to what Google does with Android, which has generated an important fragmentation between the devices that use the system operating of Big G.

If on the one hand Google updates only certain Android devices, it is true that Apple updates them all, but with each update the performance of the older devices deteriorates. For example, with iOS 8, iPhone 4S goes slower, the battery lasts less, applications take longer to open. In short, if you also have uniPhone 4S, do not download or install iOS 8, at least for the moment. The first tests carried out with iPhone 4S and iOS 8, in fact, clearly demonstrate that this new operating system (probably also voluntarily) is too heavy for iPhone 4S, which struggles to manage it and takes longer to open programs and applications.

The tests carried out on the iPhone 4S updated to iOS 8, in fact, clearly demonstrate that the opening times of the apps have almost doubled after the update to iOS 8. It was normal to expect a result of this type: on the one hand iOS 8 heavier than iOS 7, on the other Apple wants to push iPhone 4S users to buy iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and obviously iPhone 6. And in this way, even voluntarily, it makes sure that the "old" devices get worse after the update, so users switch phones, perhaps by buying an iPhone 6 and giving Apple some money.

To show you that I am not inventing anything, here is what ArsTechnica reports, who conducted some field tests using an iPhone 4S with the Golden Master version of iOS 8 installed (this version identical to the official one, simply released 1 week before to the developers to allow them to optimize programs, games and apps for iOS 8).

According to those who conducted the tests (a reliable and well-known laboratory in the smartphone sector), although the operating system is supported and runs reasonably well, there are some disadvantages in terms of speed that could make users desist from a day-one update.

As visible in the graph below, iOS 8 on iPhone 4S, compared with iOS 7.1.2 always on iPhone 4S, shows a greater slowness in opening some important applications. Take for example the Camera, 1.8 seconds on iOS 8 versus 1.5 on iOS 7.1.2, or even more Safari, where iOS 8 GM exceeds 2 seconds for opening. In short, as we said, with iOS 8 the iPhone 4S becomes slower, there is little to do. Even on power up, the gap of about 3 seconds in favor of the old operating system.

It is true that Apple usually releases fix updates later that improve performance on older devices, but in general we are used to seeing old devices that, with new updates, become slower. As said, it is part of Apple's strategy (but not only) to entice users to buy new smartphones.

Finally, remember that many new features of iOS 8 will not even be usable on iPhone 4S, such as Handoff or the Quicktype keyboard.

If you want advice, if you have an iPhone 4S wait to install iOS 8. Do not download and install it immediately tonight, otherwise you risk not being able to go back and having to keep a smartphone that suddenly becomes slow. Wait a few days, get other users to test, then decide whether or not to update your iPhone 4S to iOS 8.

As for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, however, the tester confirmed that iOS 8 is sufficiently stable and fluid, and that there is no problem to detect.

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