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If the smartwatch is too light, there is an app to remedy

Swapp True Dark optimizes the brightness of the Android Wear smartwatch screens, allowing you to still see notifications

(Photo: Motorola, Microsoft, Apple)(Photo: Motorola, Microsoft, Apple)

If you wear a smartwatch on your wrist, you will certainly notice that in many cases your device is too light, even if you set it to a minimum. This is why someone has thought of creating an appeal to remedy this inconvenience, allowing you to set the brightness of the watch below the limit set by the manufacturers.

The application is called Swapp True Dark and works on Android Wear, so compatible with the wearables they run on Google's operating system: Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch (the square one) and G Watch R (the round one), Asus ZenWatche Sony Smartwatch 3. In fact it is a valid alternative to the modeWear Theater Google, that once activated it turns off the screen, thus preventing to see if there are incoming messages (when maybe you need to remain connected).

With Swapp True Dark, lower the brightness to the minimum, just enough to see the screen and avoid the bulb effect in the dark, andyou can continue to receive notificationseven if you're at the cinema without bothering your car seat neighbor. And while we're at it we're also saving a bit of battery power, which never hurts.


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