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iDatabase for iPhone, a database always in your pocket

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Apimac has released iDatabase, an innovative personal database for iPhone and iPod touch.

The program designed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone-specific interface and features, allows you to organize all the information with a touch. iDatabase acts as a personal database for mobile use. The program offers a simple and flexible user experience and allows you to organize all useful information for work or leisure. Once loaded on your device, iDatabase allows you to manage, for example, lists of customers or suppliers, friends or collections, organize expenses, projects, keep track of all internet accounts and much more. It is also possible to choose from 16 ready-to-use templates and customize to organize the main types of information. It is obviously possible to create totally new databases in a few simple steps.

Among the examples of use presented by the developer, you can imagine a database where you can enter all your digital devices with the store where they were bought and the expiration date of the warranty, how much they were paid and the photo of the device. Once you decide to sell a computer to replace it with a new model, iDatabase will be able to provide all the really useful information in real time.

The models include: Accounts, Classes, Computers, Contacts, Customers, Events, Exercise Log, Expenses, Inventory, Movie Catalog, Membership List, Mobile Phones, Notes, Vehicle Maintenance, Projects, Recipes, To Do. The models are in English but the field labels can be customized in Italian.

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