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Icomon FG263ULB, the impedance balance to keep fit

Icomon FG263ULB, la bilancia impedenziometrica per sportivi

Icomon FG263ULB a scale that in addition to weight, measures percentage of lean mass and fat mass, of water in the body, bone and muscle mass, as well as calculating BMI and BMR, data that are collected and shown within the app for the smartphone, to which the scale connects via Bluetooth.

An accessory of this type can make the difference when you want to keep an eye on muscle development over time and find out if the workouts are paying off, or if a diet is actually reducing body fat as hoped.

Icomon FG263ULB very thin (measuring just 1.8 cm) and mounts an LED display to read the weight even without combining it with the smartphone. It is made of ABS, the glass support surface while the electrodes for measurements are made of steel: powered by a 200 mAh rechargeable battery and compatible with both Android smartphones, both with iPhone and iPad.

Icomon FG263ULB, the impedance meter scale for athletes

This scale is also able to monitor the weight of the whole family: thanks to the integrated sensors, it recognizes each component and stores its data in separate cards, allowing a more precise analysis of its values. Each of these is inserted in special graphs that help to understand at a glance the landamento of the individual parameters.

The presence of an ambient temperature indicator, detected by means of the built-in sensor, is very useful on the display. In this way it will always be possible to know the temperature of the environment in which the scale is located (useful for example in the bathroom to prepare adequately for the upcoming shower by pre-heating the environment in case of need).

If you are interested, Icomon FG263ULB at the moment discounted by 20%: you can find it on GearBest for 36 euros but you must hurry because the offer limited in time and stocks. For more information on shipping costs and times, any charges and order management, you can consult the seller's website.