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IClever Sport CSR bluetooth headphone review

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for some time I have only started using bluetooth headphones with my devices, at the expense of expensive and old headphones with a jack connector. The advantages are many and can be summarized in greater practicality (I no longer have to worry about tangled cables) and higher quality (it goes from an analogue connection via a jack cable to a digital connection). I often use headphones to answer the calls I receive on my smartphone, but one of the great flaws of the headphones so far has been the quality of the integrated microphone, often positioned in positions that are too far from the mouth. The alternatives at this point were two: return to the headphones with a jack cable, where the microphone is often placed near the mouth, or search for bluetooth headphones that meet my needs.

IClever Sport CSR bluetooth headphones

On Amazon I found a pair of bluetooth earphones produced by iClever which, according to the description, guarantee excellent call quality. So I decided to test them and today they have become the headphones I use every day.

iclever bluetooth headphones

The iClever bluetooth headphones, Sport CSR model with ear anchorage. Ergonomic design: these ultralight earphones fit comfortably in the ears for prolonged use without ear fatigue. The package also comes with a USB-microUSB cable for charging.

On the headset there are the controller keys, with two buttons for adjusting the volume and changing the track, and a third button for turning the headphones on / off, activating pairing with a device, playing / pausing a song or answering a call. Obviously the microphone is not missing, which can also be used to control the voice assistants of smartphones such as Siri and Google Now.

Use and quality of sound

bluetooth headphones pack

The first aspect to consider when buying a new pair of headphones is comfort. After choosing the rubber pads that fit my ears, I immediately felt comfortable wearing them. Although, compared to simple headphones, they should be inserted into the ear, I didn't notice any particular annoyances, and I even had the impression of not wearing them while I was listening to music. Smoothing from external noise is good, and this ensures a clear sound that is not distorted by the noises we have around us.

The low frequencies are reproduced very well, which can also guarantee a warm sound cozy. Often headphones that offer good bass are lacking in high frequencies. The iClever Sport CSR bluetooth headphones instead they are able to guarantee an excellent level of medium / high frequencies. I had the confirmation during the listening of podcasts and films, in which the speech was not muffled.

When receiving a call, a voice will read the caller's phone number. Unfortunately the numbers are spoken in English and it would have been appreciable that the name of the contact was pronounced as it was stored in the phone book. On the practical side, the microphone behaves very well, being able to exploit both the fact that it is positioned near the mouth, and the CVC6.0 technology, which allows the elimination of external noises during our conversations.

Regarding the average battery life, the company guarantees about 7 hours of use. I normally use headphones about an hour a day, and after wearing them for about a week I still haven't had to recharge them. To close the picture, present the certification IPX-4, which guarantees waterproofing against splashes of water. This allows me to use the headphones even during rainy days, without risking ruining them if they get wet.


I was very impressed with the positive Bluetooth V4.1 headphones with iClever Sport CSR model microphone. In addition to good sound quality and excellent isolation from external noise, there is a microphone that guarantees high-level calls.

If you are looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones to use daily, then I suggest you give iClever in-ear headphones a chance, which you can buy on Amazon going to following link.

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