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iCal, also available via the Web

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As announced in our report from Jobs' keynote, available for download.

As well as via iDisk, the program that allows you to keep track of programs, appointments and events, by viewing the activities of the day, week or month at a glance, now downloadable via the Web, by clicking on the link on the presentation page .

iCal, first announced at Macworld in New York, also allows you to view multiple calendars at once and from a single window, to check at a glance for any overlaps and always have an idea of ​​your free time.

Allows you to share your calendars online with colleagues, relatives and friends, using a .Mac account. and to access other calendars to keep up with work schedules, family celebrations, school commitments and more.

It interfaces via e-mail with the contacts listed in the Mac OS X Address Book and organizes and monitors commitments thanks to the integrated management of the 'to-do' list.

Among other functions, it allows you to receive notification of commitments by video alert, e-mail or text message sent to your mobile phone or pager and to quickly find any event, important date or name in iCal using a very fast search tool.

To use iCal you need to have Mac OS 10.2 installed.