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iBooks in the state of Maine, contract again at risk

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After the risks, narrowly avoided, of a cancellation at the time of drafting the leasing contract, cancellation that would have been caused by budgetary difficulties, now the agreement that would give a not indifferent impulse (also in terms of image) to the use of Apple machines in the educational field, again in the eye of the storm.

Two Republican Maine deputies, in fact, asked the legal department to verify what the economic penalties would be if Maine were to fail in the agreement that provides for the payment of 37.2 million dollars. According to some opinions, in fact, a contractual clause would provide that the agreement will be void if the money necessary for payment is not available. This would be the current case in Maine which has a $ 180 million deficit.

If the opinion of the legal department determines that the state of Maine really in the possibility of exhausting any fulfillment simply by determining the impossibility of coping with the expense, the cancellation of the contract strongly desired by Governor King could grow exponentially.

We remind you that Angus King, who personally handled the supply by virtue of a vast educational computerization project, at the end of his mandate and could no longer be re-elected.