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iBooks, here is the iPad application

iBooks, here is the iPad application –

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Apple has made the iBooks app available for iPad. The program aimed at reading the electronic books that will be on sale on the special online site accessible from the tablet.

From what we learned, the application will be a sort of "iTunes store" separate from the corresponding application for music, video and applications; operating separately will give access to a separate shop containing only the books.

Among the functions: viewing a sample of the book, possibility to reorder books and browse by title, author or category, adjust the brightness of the screen independently from that of the rest of the programs, possibility to change the size and source of the text, search for a word, a character or a phrase, automatically switch from one page to a different one using the page number navigator, highlight the most interesting passages using a bookmark, synchronize books in ePub format with iTunes, read audio text.

The program available only on the American store to download it must therefore have an account on this store. With the program you have the opportunity to experience the functioning of eBooks with A.A.'s Whinnie The Pooh. Mine, free with the first access.

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