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iBooks and G4 renewed

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The most significant innovations concern the iBook range, which, with the price unchanged, sees a doubling of the more "dated" features of the previous machines: ram, finally brought to 64 MB, and Hard Disk, which reaches 6 Gb of capacity. These models are accompanied by the Special Edition iBook, the subject of rumors several times in recent months, in a Graphite case and with a G3 processor brought up to 366 Mhz. The new iBook Graphite will cost about 200 dollars more than the standard version and both models can be expanded to 320 Mb of Ram, exceeding the limit of 160 Mb of the previous models; this limit, however, I believe has been overcome only thanks to the availability of low-profile 256 Mb RAM modules, which can therefore also be installed on machines of the previous generation.

No news of extreme importance, if not the processors brought to 400/450/500 Mhz, for the G4 range, where we continue to find the standard DVD player and not the slot-in type like the iMac, while in the last hours rumors circulated just on this possible characteristic. It should be noted that now the PowerMac range finally announced by Jobs several months ago and then subjected to a rapid backtrack due to the limited availability of processors [email protected] Mhz.